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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Multi-lingual Adventist Bible on Tour

The special edition polyglot Bible by the American Bible Society that the Vatican commissioned for commemorative purposes is not the only multi-lingual Bible imbued with denominational symbolism. The Seventh-Day Adventists created a unique Bible in sixty-six languages. Each biblical book is printed in a different language:

The special copy of the Bible features Genesis written in Spanish, Psalms in Chinese and Revelation in Korean. ...

The Bible will travel to six continents and culminate at the next world church congress in Atlanta, Georgia, United States in 2010. ...

The journey, an initiative planned since last year called "Follow the Bible," is intended to rekindle in Adventists around the world the daily need for connection with the Bible. A recent survey of world membership found that less than 50 percent said they regularly studied the Bible.

Adventist leaders from around the world prayed over the Bible (picture) during the church's Annual Council business session in Manila, Philippines, October 11th.

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